With a bachelor’s degree in « information & communication », a Master’s in journalism, and several internships under my belt, I spent two years working as a journalist for the Bourgoin-Jallieu branch of Le Dauphiné Libéré, a newspaper in the Isere region of France. After leaving Le Dauphiné I left France to spend a year in Ottawa, Canada. Here I combined three jobs: Freelance Journalist for the French Canadian press agency Nao Presse, Cultural Reporter for the French Canadian radio station CJFO FM and bookseller in the Ottawa branch of CFORP (centre of Franco-Ontarien learning resources).

Upon returning to France I took up several freelance jobs for various magazines, covering a number of different themes (women’s magazines, food magazines, employment/training magazines), whilst working part time in Decitre, a book shop in Lyon.

Then I discovered the world of digital communications with Parlons RH, a marketing agency for whom I worked for a year as web-editor/community manager. With my experiences in journalism and communication, I decided to create my own company Com’ en nuances in April 2014.  I moved to London (UK) in October 2015 for personal reasons and to Brussels (Belgium) in November 2016. I can work from everywhere as long as I have a good Internet connection.

I also created the BLOG www.freelancelife.eu to help self-employed people to live better with their status.

» Education

Translation training (from English to French) – EDVENN School (2021)

Bachelor’s degree in information communication and journalism at the University of Lyon II (France) 2008

Block release training of two years with the Graduate School of Journalism ESJ Montpellier in “written press and multimedia journalism” 2009-2011

3 days WordPress training to build wordpress websites (by Mahii Conception) 2018

» Hobbies

Travel: wherever my backpack takes me.
Sport: swimming, cycling, yoga, fitness, zumba.
Photography / Music / Discover new cultures & new people.

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  • An article about my blog freelancelife and my company for a belgian Magazine UCM



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@ Maud Guillot, graphic designer, responsible for the graphic on the home page and the logo.
@ Diane Wattiez, Mahii Conception, for putting everything together